How the evolution of Buy Now Pay Later to a white-label approach is driving results for a Merchant.

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Buy Now Pay Later is booming

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Amid the growing e-commerce space, "buy-now-pay-later" (BNPL) payment offerings are of increasing interest for merchants to better engage their digital customers and enable higher site traffic and order values. Over the past decade, the deferred payments space has seen a 200% increase in funding, with more than half of this investment and growth occurring in the past two years.1

"Limepay solution enabled total benefits of $3,499,663..."

Despite the gains and interest in buy-now-pay-later capabilities, merchants are still navigating the challenges of controlling their brand experience and customer retention, with their customer data at the mercy of third-party providers. In this context, a white-label buy-now-pay-later solution is pertinent, allowing e-commerce players to maintain control of their customer data while leveraging the benefits of a buy-now-pay-later solution.

Limepay is a payments provider that allows brands to control their pre- and post-checkout experiences with a white-label buy-now-pay-later solution. To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with Limepay’s payment solution, Limepay commissioned Forrester Consulting to interview one customer and conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to articulate the business value that the Limepay solution was able to provide.

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