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Unlock new revenue streams and customers with Limepay payment technology.

The way customers pay is rapidly evolving and the opportunity for growth in the service industry is significant. Just like online booking opened up brands to new customers and created demand within the industry, so too will the payments of the future. New types of customers and revenue streams can be uncovered by using payment technology and methods usually reserved for retail and consumer goods.

Once-off, split and repeating payment options directly in your checkout.

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Pay now, or 'Pay Later' embedded in your checkout.


'Buy Now, Pay Later' in four payments embedded in your checkout.


Enabling subscriptions and membership possibilities.


Take different payment types directly on the shop floor.


Innovative new ways to pay that solve unique payments challenges.

Solving unique payments challenges together.

We work directly with service brands to integrate payments technology into their checkout. This often means forming collaborative relationships with your developers and finding the best ways to solve payments challenges, often in custom and sometimes challenging environments. We're also known for creating new payment technology in partnership with our services brands that changes the way people pay.

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Get to know your market better with customer insights.

Knowing more about your customers can dramatically change how you make decisions as a business, market, and shape the customer experience. Payments are no different. Identifying how your customers pay can be extremely valuable in creating insights about their motivations, how they manage money, and their behaviours. Our Customer Success Team can give you unique and personalised data and insights in ways that work for you.

We prioritise data security, privacy and customer insights.

We know that privacy is paramount in many service industries with strict data security measures the norm. All Limepay payment technology adhere to a strict company policy where data security, privacy, and data handling are prioritised. We're happy to help with any requirements or industry standards you need to comply with.

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How the evolution of Buy Now Pay Later to a white-label approach is driving results for a Merchant.

Read Forrester's latest Total Economic Impactâ„¢ study to understand how an eCommerce Merchant is getting the most from Buy Now Pay Later.

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Use Cases

Domain works with Limepay to build a leading payment solution called MarketNow.

Domain Group is an Australian digital property portal and associated real-estate industry business.

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