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Game-changing payment technology to improve the way customers pay through your platform.

Giving your customers, and their customers, more flexible and unique ways to pay within the checkout experience can help to build loyalty and attract new types of customers. Offering options like 'Buy Now, Pay Later' or 'Pay Later' can make a purchase more accessible to those previously locked out by upfront lump sums.

Once-off, split, and repeating payment options that create new ways for your customers to pay.

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Pay now, or 'Pay Later' embedded in your checkout.


Buy Now, Pay Later' in four payments embedded in your checkout.


Enabling subscriptions and membership possibilities.


Take different types of payments directly on the shop floor.


Innovative new ways to pay that solve unique payments challenges.

White-label for a memorable customer-first checkout experience.

Limepay payments are embedded directly into your platform's checkout. With no third party redirects, your platform remains top of mind helping to limit distractions, speed up how customers select payment options, and provides an easier checkout experience to return to next time they're looking to buy. It can also attract customers that are motivated by flexible payment options that your competitors simply don't offer. Whilst there are many other payment providers, what Limepay offers is the ability for platforms to create relationships throughout the whole checkout process, not just in the leadup to payment.

Flexible integration process — that's developer-friendly.

Limepay payment technology differentiates itself by working directly with your platform to best meet your needs and goals. We truly believe that no two platforms are alike in how they approach what can often be a highly technical process. Our experienced team are ready to work alongside yours to solve complex and unique payments challenges and whilst many brands we work with utilise our suite of plugins, we're committed to taking a flexible approach to creating tailored development solutions.

Safer, more secure, and available customer data that's all yours.

When it comes to customer data, we are wholeheartedly committed to ensuring its security, usefulness, and privacy. We understand that platforms have very different needs to that of many other eCommerce players. We want to provide the platforms we work with ongoing opportunities to use and learn from their customer data in the most secure way. Our Customer Success team is always on-hand to provide unique insights to guide your payments decision-making, because the smallest optimisations can make the biggest differents.

Demonstrating eCommerce benefits.

It's one thing to say it, but another to prove it. We're proud of our performance to date and the impact we are making on the brands we work with. This research by one such brand provides a good narrative as to how our payment options create change. We believe that whether you're a platform or a global brand, the focus should be the same — improved customer experience that leads to better results.

Read Forrester's Total Economic Impact Study to see how we do it.

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How the evolution of Buy Now Pay Later to a white-label approach is driving results for a Merchant.

Read Forrester's latest Total Economic Impact™ study to understand how an eCommerce Merchant is getting the most from Buy Now Pay Later.

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Use Cases

Domain works with Limepay to build a leading payment solution called MarketNow.

Domain Group is an Australian digital property portal and associated real-estate industry business.

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