It's your brand. Why shouldn't it be your checkout?

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All the major payment methods your customers are familiar with

Secure 'pay now' or 'pay it later' offering

Limepay. The checkout that puts you back in charge

Want to give customers the choice of conventional card payments, and flexible instalments - without sending them away to a third party site? Now you can.

Limepay’s clever behind-the-scenes technology lets you own the payment process, with a state-of-the-art secure checkout that integrates seamlessly into your existing website.

Simpler payments, less friction

Now, no one comes between you and your customers.

No redirects. No extra logins. No friction. With Limepay, your customers stay on your site until they’re done, cutting down any risk of dropoff or cart abandonment. We take care of all the payment logistics, but never get in the way of a smooth, speedy customer experience.

Unlock value in your customer base

Turn transactions into lifelong relationships.

Limepay gives you a complete overview of every customer and every transaction, empowering you to build relationships that deliver a lifetime of value. With a wealth of customer data at your fingertips, you can learn exactly how people tick and how to keep them coming back for more.

Easily customised

Feels like you all the way through

There’s a reason customers shop with you: they like your brand. Why not give them a checkout that matches the rest of their shopping experience? From user journey to graphic design, Limepay can be tailored to suit your needs, with no other brands disrupting the flow.


Hear it straight from our customers and the media…


“As the most extensive travel, dining and lifestyle programme in Asia Pacific, we wanted a native payment solution that works for our brand. We wanted the ability to offer our members a full range of payment options without bouncing them to third party platforms and requiring them to sign up to other accounts - and Limepay delivers that perfectly”.

Wayne Greenwood

Vice President for the Pacific, Accor Plus


“EB is always looking to innovate. With the demand for BNPL increasing, we want to offer our customers a way to engage directly with us when they transact. Limepay's white-label offering is unique and keeps customers on our site.”

Shane Stockwell

Senior Director, EB Games

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“We decided to implement Limepay to test the hypothesis we had developed and were astounded with the results. In our first four weeks with Limepay, we saw improved basket sizes by 12.5% and a reduced checkout abandonment rate of 30%, growing our average daily revenues by over 18%.”

Mia Hudson

Director, Feeling Sexy

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The Limepay Difference