How to master Buy Now Pay Later for your business

Learn about Limepay's native white label payment gateway, and why a streamlined Buy Now Pay Later solution is key.

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Why native works

Now, no one comes between you and your customers.

There’s a reason customers shop with you: they like your brand. Why not give them a checkout that matches the rest of their shopping experience?

Dan Peters - Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Limepay

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Why being responsible with data pays off

Don't let other Buy Now Pay Later providers sell your customers' data.

We believe that when customers pay with you - their data should be respected - not sold to your competitors in a 'marketplace'.

Andy Britz - Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Limepay

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Watch the Video
Learn about Limepay's values and product benefits

Our Buy Now Pay Later Principles

  • Simplicity
    A fast and seamless checkout
  • Brand Loyalty
    Know your customer better
  • Data Insights
    Enhance your customer relationships
  • Accessibility
    Buy Now Pay Later for everyone
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How we stand out

The Limepay Difference

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Meet the new, native Buy Now Pay Later benchmark

Try out our frictionless checkout experience first-hand. Our fully functional Demo allows you to step into a customer's perspective and experience how Buy Now Pay Later shopping can be better when it's done natively with you - right there on your site.

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