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With Limepay, the checkout looks and feels like yours – but you can leave the rest up to us.

Fast verification (via text and email) makes it easier than ever for customers to follow through.
Smart data management means customers are ‘recognised’ when they return, and enjoy increasingly personalised treatment.
Flexible instalments allow customers to choose the amount and frequency of their payments (so there’s no reason to put off the purchase).
If payment is overdue, Limepay handles the follow up (no added risk or hassle for you).
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Making Payments Personal

Thanks to real time customer verification on credit and debit cards, the Limepay payment process is smooth, speedy and completely secure.

Our intuitive checkouts even recognise returning customers, making things even quicker for your ‘regulars’. After all, it’s always nice when a brand bothers getting to know you.

Built around your brand

Do It Your Way

Thanks to our plugins, Limepay integrates easily with most e-commerce sites (and we’re always adding more). You get to design the look and feel of the checkout, so it’s the kind of customer experience you’re proud to deliver.

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World Class Security.

Powered by Stripe, Limepay gives you unparalleled security and encryption, with solutions that are PCI certified and compliant worldwide.

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