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Give your customers the payment options they already want.

Every week it seems like there are new ways to pay and it can feel impossible to keep up if you're a small to medium business. That doesn't change the fact that your customers are always looking for ways to pay that best suit their lifestyle and budget. We know brands that use our technology see more success with basket sizes and reduced dropped carts, but, long-term, we want to create ways to pay that improve the lifetime value of those customers. For us, it's about building your customer's loyalty through positive payments experiences.

Once-off, split, and repeating payment options to give your customers more choice.

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Pay now, or 'Pay Later' embedded in your checkout.


Buy Now, Pay Later' in four payments embedded in your checkout.


Enabling subscriptions and membership possibilities.


Take different types of payments directly on the shop floor.


Innovative new ways to pay that solve unique payments challenges.

More valuable customer relationships.

No matter how big or small your business, the moment of payment is an important one in the customer journey. When done poorly, it can be a barrier but when done well it can be a true amplifier. Limepay payment technology can help your business take your customer journey to the next level. We're so confident in the eCommerce benefits of great payments infrastructure that we even undertook research to learn more about our impact.

Read Forrester's Total Economic Impact Study to see how we do it.

White-label so your brand shines.

Third party payments often come with branding and redirects attached that distract customers. When we embed our payment technology directly in your checkout it looks like you the whole way through. This keeps the customer captive, in your website environment, and building their relationship with you.

Unique insights to strengthen business decision-making.

Having a full picture of how your customers pay is often the hardest part of any eCommerce setup. Our Customer Success team can provide you with insights to help give weight and direction to the marketing, sales, and customer segmentation plans you already have. The more you know about your customers, the stronger the relationships can be.

Easy integration with your site and technical help when you need it.

Many of the businesses we work with utilise our integrations and plugins. However, if you've built your empire on something more custom, we can apply the same level of technical facilitation that we do for the big brands on our platform. The customer journey to completing checkout is an integral step in building relationships with your customers, so we're here to ensure your payments experience is up for the challenge.

Use cases

Insights Hub

How the evolution of Buy Now Pay Later to a white-label approach is driving results for a Merchant.

Read Forrester's latest Total Economic Impactâ„¢ study to understand how an eCommerce Merchant is getting the most from Buy Now Pay Later.

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Use Cases

Domain works with Limepay to build a leading payment solution called MarketNow.

Domain Group is an Australian digital property portal and associated real-estate industry business.

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