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Innovative brand-first payments technology to bring you closer to your customer.

Whether you're a leading brand, an emerging success story, platform, or service-provider looking to overtake your competition, offering innovative and flexible payments at checkout using the Limepay platform can change the way you do business. Flexible payments and the newest ways to pay can unlock new customers, revenue streams, and improve your entire customer experience.

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The future of payments.

Not long ago 'Buy Now, Pay Later' changed the way customers paid and the benefits of flexible payments became immediately obvious to brands and the customers they serve. Whilst the Limepay platform was built on this foundation, we now offer a wider range of payment options that prioritise the customer experience at the checkout and beyond. We believe offering customers the ability to choose how they pay in a straightforward and seamless way is the fast lane to loyalty and better eCommerce performance.

Pay Now

Your customer pays all at once at the time of checkout. Works as your payment gateway; as simple as it gets.

Pay Later

Your customer can elect to pay at a later date. Important for products and services where delayed payment makes the purchase easier or more attractive.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Your customer can pay in four interest-free payments. Easier, more manageable, bite-sized payments so customers can manage their cash flow.


Your customer can pay at regular intervals. For memberships and repeating purchase agreements.


Your customer can pay on the shop floor in all the ways they do online. Offer flexible payments to customers, regardless of whether they are online or in store.


Innovative new ways to pay for solving unique payments challenges.

White-labelled and embedded directly in your checkout.

We believe in a low-distraction approach when it comes to payment moments, that's why our payment options are embedded in your checkout experience and themed to fit in — payments feel like you, the whole way through. What adds value to the customer experience is that the branded feel carries over into reminder and follow-up communications for payments such as 'Buy Now, Pay Later' or 'Pay Later'— it's a significant win for brands who know the value of building relationships through every touchpoint.

Get to know how your customers pay.

Be a fly on the wall during payment. Having more knowledge about how customers make payment choices can be a decision-making game-changer. Utilising Limepay's bespoke dashboards and Customer Success Team's insights can improve your ability to better market, segment, and communicate to your customers.

Know who you're selling to.

Our platform offers smart & frictionless ways to identify your customers and remembers them when they return, leading to a faster & more streamlined checkout experience. We have rigid processes around customer ID that not only help give you confidence in who you are selling to, but also provide you with the data to drive repeat purchases and loyalty.

Your customer data is more safe, more secure and yours.

We make all your data available to you through your merchant dashboard and via other direct means if required. What's most important is that this data is safer, more secure and owned by you. We protect your data with rigorous controls, encryption, and solutions that are PCI certified, that is compliant worldwide.

Simple, bespoke and well-managed integration.

The team we've assembled are some of the best developers, project managers, experts and analysts in the industry and the onboarding process is clear, easy to follow and an entirely collaborative experience. Whilst we offer a range of plugins and integrations that work for many of the brands we work with, we are only too familiar with just about every website framework or custom challenge we've met along the way.

Customer experience — When good enough isn't good enough.

Every customer relationship you develop as a brand contributes to a lifetime value, and we're for long term loyalty over anything else. For us, it's about understanding the place and importance that payments serve as part of a customer journey and we're here to help you invest in that with our payment options. Something you'll never hear us say is 'good enough' because we believe there is always an improvement, an optimisation or even a new way to pay just around the corner that can help bring brands closer to customers.

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Use Cases

Domain works with Limepay to build a leading payment solution called MarketNow.

Domain Group is an Australian digital property portal and associated real-estate industry business.

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