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Stoned Crystals transforms their customer journey and accelerates growth with Limepay.

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The Challenge

Stoned Crystals is an Australian owned online and in-store retailer offering ethically sourced, high quality crystals and gems either as natural decor interior styling or in the form of jewellery.

Stoned Crystals previously took on traditional upfront payment via layby style plans and found that customers wouldn’t have the same momentum in their customer lifetime as if they were receiving the products first and paying later.

The business also has concerns that other BNPL 3rd party providers will eventually begin to cannibalise and market other competitors to their customers.

The Solution

Stoned Crystals offers customers several other BNPL payment solutions but opted to choose and prioritise Limepay in their checkout so that they had end-to-end visibility over their customer journey without redirection to 3rd party websites during the vital stages of checkout.

The Results

Since adopting Limepay:

24% increase in order value

A higher average order value with BNPL over the past year by 24%.

Speed increase

Increase in the speed of customer repeat purchase through BNPL.

Most popular BNPL

In the last 12 months, Limepay has become the most popular BNPL selection at checkout. This is despite the fact that there wasn’t any heavy focus placed on promoting this as an option.

As third party BNPL providers grow it’s a matter of concern that our own customers could be marketed towards our direct competitors. It’s clear that over the last 12 months, our customers prefer the convenience of our own BNPL offering, white labelled through Limepay.



Customers tend to be quite loyal; if they buy one product, they also come back and buy a 2nd or 3rd product. So helping convert them via our branded payment plan helps us own that customer journey and drive momentum forward to repeat purchase.


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